LLaLe & Co. a leader in providing infrastructure, management and consultancy services across the build environment. Collectively the portfolio of companies provide full and comprehensive services covering the full spectrum of integrated solutions attentive to every aspect and expectation of the clients infrastructural and management needs. Today LLaLe & Co. boasts a high profile portfolio of trusted clientele conforming to world class criteria.


LLaLe & Co. has been a major player in altering the image of our nation in many ways. Since its inception the landmark projects have been part of our portfolio. Since 1995 there has been a focus on certain sectors of the economy of which our expertise recognized and were swift to influence through active participation. 


LLaLe & Co. practices open and honest communication. By being held accountable for our actions and offering complete  transparency throughout the consulting process, our clients have received not only higher quality projects on time and on budget, but also peace of mind that we acted as their agent with their best interests at heart


Our mission is to apply our techniques and expertise in providing tailor made solutions and advice to our clients.

We are continuously
striving for excellence and quality services 


Idea & Conceptualisation

From the idea we process it through Dream Mapping, Brief outlining, using Lateral thinking, and practicalities such as Policy Strategy planning, all within our experienced and knowledgeable Think Tank.


Delivery Management

Our full range of commercial and industrial development and construction services provide our clients quality workmanship while maintaining strict code and standard compliance. Our strong experience tackles complex construction and design scenarios while maintaining goals, budget, and on-time completion.

Master Planning – Concept, Construction, and Quality

From Capital Investment, conceptualization, to the construction phase and beyond. Whether gearing for start up or looking at expansion, investigation, viability and sustainability is a key to our obtaining Venture Capital.


Quantity Surveying & Contracts Management

Our Professional years of expertise covers the Pre-contract, Contract and the Post contract phases.

These phases are overseen by the of use state-of-the-art technologies and years of proven development and construction processes, which include Quantity Surveying services, Project Management, Cost Control Planning and Financial Management. These vital combinations culminate in the delivery of projects on-time and within budget.
Our commitment and dedication to your project ensures that goals are met and quality workmanship exceeds standard compliance.

Construction management

An expert understanding of time management, together with experience in traditional contracting management techniques has facilitated the application of Construction Management.


Leadership role with full representation

Early Involvement your project, prior to the commission of drawings, can be crucial.

It enables us to concentrate on the mission of producing the best solution for your budget.

It creates interaction between cost estimation and design in the preliminary design phase, helping to eliminate any
possible cost and design issues before construction.

It provides for a cohesive review during planning and specification to better manage goals and budget.




This vibrant company has 20 years collective experience in projects across the board within the Infrastructure and Management sectors. 


Each member has an impressive record of leadership and influence boasting projects such as Soccer City, Majuba Power Station to name a few.


Access to an array of expertise from all sectors of the industry to assess innovative and economic solution to any interventions is one of the vital keys to success and influence.


Our vibrant company has 20 years collective experience in projects across the board within the infrastructure and management sector. Each member has an impressive record of leadership and influence, boasting projects such as Soccer City, Majuba Power Station, to name a few 


We have access to an array of expertise from all sectors of the industry to assess innovative and economic solutions to any intervention.


This is one of the vital keys to our success and influence.

Meet the Team

Molefe LLaLe


Mandy Maas

Administrative Executive

Jane Llale

Head of Marketing

Phineas Bhengu

Chief Finance Officer